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  1. Alexandra

    Alexandra Mastriana-Solal Striving to Rid the World of MS

    I am particularly passionate about finding a cure for Multiple Sclerosis. After discovering I had MS, a whirlwind of emotions flooded my thoughts, but something in particular rose to the surface: "How will I fight this battle and make sense of it all?" I knew if I could just make something good come out of this bad situation it would be a step in the right direction. If I could just help others, I knew it would help me. Having MS has not been an easy journey, but with friends and family by my side, striving to rid the world of MS, has made it bearable and purposeful for me. Let's keep making "Lemonade out of Lemons" by donating to this worthy endeavor. I want to be able to say: "I HAD MS." Thank you!
    $500.00 donated of $1,000.00 goal
  2. Ariel Cruz

    Ariel Cruz

    $0.00 donated of $1,000.00 goal
  3. Ashley Macho

    Ashley Macho

    $0.00 donated of $1,000.00 goal
  4. Bethany Tietz

    Bethany Tietz

    $0.00 donated of $1,000.00 goal
  5. Bill Rotella

    Bill Rotella

    $0.00 donated of $1,000.00 goal
  6. Brad Thornbrough

    Brad Thornbrough

    $0.00 donated of $1,000.00 goal
  7. Brien Mastriana

    Brien Mastriana

    $0.00 donated of $1,000.00 goal
  8. Chris Fuzy

    Chris Fuzy

    $0.00 donated of $1,000.00 goal
  9. Christine Walters

    Christine Walters

    $0.00 donated of $1,000.00 goal
  10. Dan Sieloff & Martin Boschini

    Dan Sieloff & Martin Boschini

    $0.00 donated of $1,000.00 goal
  11. Denice Hayes

    Denice Hayes

    $0.00 donated of $1,000.00 goal
  12. Diedre Robbins

    Diedre Robbins

    $0.00 donated of $1,000.00 goal
  13. Donna Keenan

    Donna Keenan

    $0.00 donated of $1,000.00 goal
  14. Eric Brush

    Eric Brush

    $0.00 donated of $1,000.00 goal
  15. Fabienne Rouzies

    Fabienne Rouzies

    $0.00 donated of $1,000.00 goal
  16. Garth Graham

    Garth Graham

    $0.00 donated of $1,000.00 goal
  17. Ghislaine Poirier

    Ghislaine Poirier

    $0.00 donated of $1,000.00 goal
  18. H20Boys

    $0.00 donated of $1,000.00 goal
  19. Harry Tangalakis

    Harry Tangalakis

    $0.00 donated of $1,000.00 goal
  20. Heidi Pettee

    Heidi Pettee

    $0.00 donated of $1,000.00 goal
  21. Hugh McCauley

    Hugh McCauley

    $0.00 donated of $1,000.00 goal
  22. Hugo Fontalvo

    Hugo Fontalvo

    $0.00 donated of $1,000.00 goal
  23. Jen Garvin – Lined Up for Our First #BikeMS Event

    When I found out that Alexandra had MS, I thought she would never be able to do those athletic things that we had always loved to do together. Six months after her diagnosis, we formed a team that could have been called the "bad news bears of cycling" dressed in baggie shorts and running shoes, equipped with old, borrowed bikes, mp3 players, and skateboard helmets, lined up to roll through our first BikeMS event as "The Alexandra's Angels". To my surprise, we didn't fall, we didn't take out a peloton and we saw Alexandra crush a 50-mile bike ride with style and grace. The best part? Loving a special girlfriend, who on a hot September 2013 day, in a cold hospital room, where most of us would have heard "you need to quit". Alexandra heard "You need to rise". That's why I ride.
    $0.00 donated of $1,000.00 goal
  24. Jimmy Clark

    Jimmy Clark

    $0.00 donated of $1,000.00 goal
  25. John Belcher

    John Belcher

    $0.00 donated of $1,000.00 goal
  26. John Limperis

    John Limperis

    $0.00 donated of $1,000.00 goal
  27. Keegan & Kiarra Roper – Spread the Word with Our Involvement

    Keegan and I ride for our GIRLFRIEND, Alexandra, who we see battling MS with courage, grace and positivity every day. She provides others with hope and support and her leadership in creating awareness and raising funds for research is awe-inspiring. We also ride for our close friend's sister-in-law who was just diagnosed . . . and everyone else who is also battling MS at various stages. We hope to spread the word with our involvement. Much Love, Keegan & Kiarra
    $0.00 donated of $1,000.00 goal
  28. Keith Costello

    Keith Costello

    $0.00 donated of $1,000.00 goal
  29. Kim Fontalvo

    $0.00 donated of $1,000.00 goal
  30. Kim Hackett

    Kim Hackett

    $0.00 donated of $1,000.00 goal
  31. KK Kennedy under Graphic

    KK Kennedy – Let’s Cure Multiple Sclerosis Together!

    In 2014 I got a call from teammate Colleen Dunne saying "we're doing the MS150 Breakaway for Alexandra" and the rest is history. I ride for Alexandra. MS to her meant: MUST START a cure! From our small team of 17 riders our first year, to our own MS Challenge in 2018, we are the "Little Team That Could" and have raised over $830,000 in five (5) years to battle Multiple Sclerosis. I'm focused on that million-dollar mark, keeping in mind all the MS doctors and patients we have helped on our journey that all started with Alexandra's will and compassion to help herself by helping others. So, here's to Alexandra, and her indomitable spirit to kick MS right where it counts! MS messed with the wrong woman. Let's Cure Multiple Sclerosis Together!
    $30.00 donated of $1,000.00 goal
  32. Leslie Cepero

    Leslie Cepero

    $0.00 donated of $1,000.00 goal
  33. Lisa Anderson

    Lisa Anderson

    $0.00 donated of $1,000.00 goal
  34. Lisa Clough

    Lisa Clough

    $0.00 donated of $1,000.00 goal
  35. Lori Brown

    Lori Brown

    $0.00 donated of $1,000.00 goal
  36. Maria Del Cruz

    Maria Del Cruz

    $0.00 donated of $1,000.00 goal
  37. Matt Ricci

    Matt Ricci

    $0.00 donated of $1,000.00 goal
  38. MC Orlando-Solal – For All Who Struggle with MS Every Day!

    Hi I'm Marie-Christine - I look so much like Alexandra that I do not need a real introduction, do I? I am Alexandra's twin sister MC, and should I say the lucky one who does not have MS. I ride particularly for her but also for a friend of mine, Amy, who was in College with me, and for all the others who are struggling everyday with MS. I ride because I can- while others are less fortunate.
    $0.00 donated of $1,000.00 goal
  39. Peter Thie

    Peter Thiel

    $0.00 donated of $1,000.00 goal
  40. Raul Cepero

    Raul Cepero

    $0.00 donated of $1,000.00 goal
  41. Richard Noritake

    Richard Noritake

    $0.00 donated of $1,000.00 goal
  42. Rita Holloway Campaign cover

    Rita Holloway – I stand with Alexandra and everyone with MS!

    I ride for a great friend who happens to be the mother of my godson. I ride to let Alexandra know that I stand with her, and everyone with MS, and will always support her cause with all my heart, strength and love. Our friendship goes back 30+ years and it continues to strengthen as the years go by. Let's keep riding! - Rita
    $0.00 donated of $1,000.00 goal
  43. Ron Mastriana

    Ron Mastriana

    $20,000.00 donated of $1,000.00 goal
  44. Sommer Wood - Alexandra's Angels

    Sommer Wood – I’m All In to fight MS, will you join me?

    We support the #1 MS Research Hospital in the United States. UCSF. Their ground breaking research is producing results in the field of remyelination, which has great potential to help not just MS patients, but also people suffering from spinal cord and nerve injuries. This is your chance to serve with a group of heroes, and make a real difference with your support. Please donate today, and I will work hard to raise the awareness needed for this fight.
    $0.00 donated of $1,000.00 goal
  45. Sophia Mylona

    Sophia Mylona

    $0.00 donated of $1,000.00 goal
  46. Taz Davis

    Taz Davis

    $0.00 donated of $1,000.00 goal
  47. Tom Coon

    Tom Coon

    $0.00 donated
  48. Tom McManus

    Tom McManus

    $0.00 donated of $1,000.00 goal
  49. Tom Vogel

    Tom Vogel

    $0.00 donated of $1,000.00 goal
  50. Tony Carriuolo

    Tony Carriuolo

    $0.00 donated of $1,000.00 goal
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