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Life is all about finding balance.  Imagine losing it literally, and figuratively, overnight.  That’s what Multiple Sclerosis does.  Join me in my #naMaSlay Challenge to fight MS.  I’m raising awareness about this debilitating disease that has affected my longtime dear friend, Alexandra.   Together, we are teaming up to make a difference for those people battling MS.   Join us for our 2nd MS Challenge at Birch State Park on March 2, 2019.  After a 5k run/walk, and a 20-mile bike, we will have an outdoor core yoga session under the beautiful tree of life Banyan in Birch State Park.  Did you know that MS strikes women two and a half more times than men, and often does so in the prime of their lives?   I’ve witnessed firsthand how MS has attacked Alexandra, but I’ve also seen Alexandra fight back.  Yoga has been an important part of our journey to help Alexandra’s mind and body manage the pain and emotional challenges MS presents. It tries to throw her off balance, but she harnesses her Shakti and centers herself.  She is an inspiration and is on a mission to cure MS.  I believe in her ability to do so.   Help us raise awareness and funds for the “Repair and Remyelination” research project at UCSF – making a difference is just a click away! NAMASTE.

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