Sommer Wood – I’m All In to fight MS, will you join me?

We support the #1 MS Research Hospital in the United States. UCSF. Their ground breaking research is producing results in the field of remyelination, which has great potential to help not just MS patients, but also people suffering from spinal cord and nerve injuries. This is your chance to serve with a group of heroes, and make a real difference with your support. Please donate today, and I will work hard to raise the awareness needed for this fight.

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$505.00 donated of $1,000.00 goal
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Major Dick Winters of the famed 101st Airborne was once asked by his grandson if he was a hero in WWII and Winters answered, “No, but I served in a company of heroes.” What Winters was too humble to admit was that every good team needs a strong leader to bring the group together and inspire them to be their best. Winters was an exceptional leader, under exceptional circumstances.

We have an exceptional leader of the Alexandra’s Angels as well, and Alexandra has inspired our small team to accomplish extraordinary feats. As a member of the Angels cycling team, I feel like I am serving with a group of heroes as well.

This group of friends and family have made the fight against Multiple Sclerosis their focus, and together we have been able to raise over $830,000 for MS research in five short years. For anyone who has witnessed the effects of this disease on a loved one, you know this is a fight that must be won.

This goal can only be accomplished in the leading research labs around the world, and research needs financial support to continue this important work.

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  1. We are proud of you and your efforts fighting MS.

  2. Ride like the wind Aunt Sommer and Aunt KK!!!

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