Thank you from the MS Research Team at UCSF

Our fundraising efforts support the MS Research team at the University of California San Francisco. We received this Thank YOU Video from Stephen Hauser, Jonah Chan and Ari Green earlier this year. 


Stephen Hauser: Hello to Alexandra’s Angels. I’m Steve Hauser speaking to you from beautiful, rainy San Francisco. I am the oldest by far of the group here today and also I think the most optimistic. I’ve seen the strides that we’ve made against multiple sclerosis. They are nothing short of thrilling. The discoveries in MS have become among the most exciting in medicine. We now have therapies that stop the disease in its tracks.

We are at the threshold of being able to repair damage. As we look to 2018 and beyond our opportunities are three and they are all very realistic.

  1. To prevent MS before it even begins. This is possible in our lifetime.
  2. To turn off progressive MS, still the worst part of the disease.
  3. Third, to actually repair, to remyelinate, to re-insulate the damage that MS has caused so that people who have had MS in the past can think and prepare for a future that is far happier than the present today.

Let me turn to my colleague Jonah Chan who along with Ari Green is leading the way in the repair efforts at UCSF.

Jonah Chan: Hi Alexandra. Hi Ron. I know we all wish that we could be there with you all. We are very hopeful. Just as Steve said, we are very hopeful and optimistic about the possibility for repair and remyelinate, trying to restore function to those with MS. We are working very hard in the labs trying to keep pushing the effectiveness of the therapies that we’ve already started to identify and also trying to be more creative and innovative in the clinical trials to demonstrate the repair process that occurs.

I just wanted to share this hope. We’re really excited and we think this is a joint venture for all of us. Thank you so much for what you are doing helping us with our research.

Ari Green: I’m Ari Green. I’m just inspired by you guys and by the support you are providing to us. Just a message of thanks to Ron, to Alexandra and to all the people who are helping them and participating in what is a crucial mission to support us in trying to make repair possible. We’ve been able really with Jonah’s leadership to do the first and most effective screen ever of drugs that helped us pick out a medication and then do a clinical trial here at UCSF that we are just tremendously enthusiastic and excited about.

It’s just the beginning. We’re inspired by you. I’m lucky enough to be standing here inspired by both the guys I’m standing with. Thank you to all of you and we look forward to hopefully being with you at one of the future rides. I’m a cyclist myself so I couldn’t be more excited for what you guys are doing to help us out. Thank you.

Stephen Hauser: Thank you.

Proclamation Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale Mayor Dean Trantalis presents the Alexandra’s Angels Day City Proclamation during the MS Challenge kickoff party at Thasos on April 12, 2018.

Alexandra's Angels MS Challenge 2019

Alexandra’s MS Challenge at Birch State Park will take place again March 2nd, 2019

Text of the Proclamation by City of Fort Lauderdale

In Recognition of Alexandra’s Angels 
MS Challenge at Birch State Park
Saturday April 14, 2018

WHEREAS on April 14th, 2018, the inaugural “Alexandra’s Angels MS Challenge” will take place at Birch State Park, presented by Thasos, Wells Fargo Bank, Baker HIll Industries, and The Garvin Financial Team, the funds will benefit the “Repair & Remyelination Study at the University of California San Francisco; and

WHEREAS, the Alexandra’s Angels cycle team was formed in 2013 by Ron & Alexandra Mastriana as a way to battle back against multiple sclerosis by raising awareness and fund for MS patients, researchers and doctors, and

WHEREAS, the friends, family and colleagues of the Mastriana Family earned their “Angel Wings” by raising over $650,000 for the National MS Society from 2014 to 2018, finishing #1 overall MS Team in South Florida; and

WHEREAS, the Alexandra’s Angels MS Foundation, Inc, 501(c)(3), has raised over $100,000 in 2018 thus far to benefit cutting edge MS research which will sere MS patiens across the United States and worldwide; and

WHEREAS, Ron & Alexandra Mastriana’s valiant battle against multiple sclerosis, their selfless commitment to the betterment of their community and service to mankind, is acknowledged and appreciated; and

WHEREAS, the Mayor and City Commissioners are pleased to issue this proclamation in recognition of the Inaugural Alexandra’s Angels MS Challenge at Birch State Park and do thank the presenters, organizers, and the Alexandra’s Angels teammates for bringing this important and exciting event to Fort Lauderdale. 

NOW THEREFORE, WE, as City Commissioners of the City of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, do hereby proclaim Saturday April 14, 2018 as 

Signatures of the Proclamation

Thank you to all the generous corporate sponsors

Benefit the Alexandra’s Angels MS Foundation WPLG-MIA (ABC) — Local 10 News @ 5AM (April 9, 2018)

Out in the sun.

Jacey: it was a beautiful weekend. yesterday, i got to compete in my first triathlon. there i am.  

Eric: Get it.

Jacey: All for a good cause. we ran for 10 miles indoors at my favorite cycle studio. and ten miles over to the beach. went to Lauderdale-by-the-Sea and had to swim 600 yards in the ocean. the proceeds from the event benefit the Alexandra’s Angels MS Foundation. so many people trying to find a cure for ms.  

Eric: Working hard out there. How did you do?

Jacey: I couldn’t believe it. I was impressed i finished one. It was a bucket list for me. I came in second place.

Eric: Second place? For the women. yeah. I had no idea. I’m addicted. I said, when is our next one. Our next one is coming up in august. I’m going to get on the triathlon bandwagon.